Concrete resurfacing

 The Application Process,

Oncrete is a spray on cement based polymer modified two part concrete resurfacing system


  What is a polymer modifier?

A Polymer Modifier is a liquid substance and when mixed with cement increases the bonding strength, reducing permeability, increasing flexural, tensile, impact and abrasion strength improving the overall toughness of the cement


 The preperation process,

Cut all expansion joints along walls and driveway to remove any excess debris off concrete.

Cut existing cracks in concrete in preparation for treatment if required.

Grind all imperfections as required.

Acid wash to open concrete pores and kill any algae and mould.

High pressure clean with 3500 PSI to remove all contaminants.

Once completely dry, treat cracks by repairing with epoxy or polyurathane.


 The spraying process,

Spray one coat of polymer primer as a bonding agent.

When needed, apply one base coat of Oncrete resurfacing cement by use of troweling or squeeging to rectify most imperfections on concrete.

If your concrete has existing stencil or pattern you must have a minimum of three layers of basecoat.

Pebble Crete or exposed aggregate has a minimum of two layers.

After basecoat is applied, all appropriate areas to the site will be masked up to prevent any overspray, whilst spray on technique is applied.A stencil or hand taped design will then be laid on concrete.

Two to Three top coats of Oncrete resurfacing cement with oxide colour will then be sprayed on. First coat for coverage and second coat for textured finish.

Once final coat is dry, all masking and stencil is removed.Resurfaced concrete is then cleaned down to remove residue.


The sealing process,

Last but not least a minimum of two coats of resurfacing sealer will be applied which significantly improves the appearance and value to your premises.

What is resurfacing sealer? Sealer aids curing that promotes durability of the hardened surface coating and to aid surface cleaning maintenance by owners.


We were very happy with the work Uri has done here. Not only was he resonably priced, he was very particular in his preparation, he worked in a clean and tidy fashion and communicated with us very well. All up a very professional job and a credit to your company.


M Pickford, Runaway Bay


Just like to thank you for your commitment and your excellent job. We would definitely recommend you and your team for all your hard work. Thanks again


Kasey Kernia, Chapel Hill

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the end result of my driveway and paths. Your idea to put the lighter fleck on was the right way to go. You three are very easy to get on with and I would fully recommend your team and process. I look forward to dealing with you when we get the pool area done.


Trevor, Willowbank


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